Whitetail Deer Hunting

Vela Ranch hunters have historically been quite successful in harvesting their contracted/proposed trophy hunts. We feel confident offering a guarantee that you will be given the opportunity to harvest a trophy buck within the guidelines you contracted. If you elect not to shoot the first candidate buck during your stay, your trophy hunt may be extended for an additional $750 per day. If the opportunity does not arise, you will either be given another 2 day hunt or credited for a hunt the following year.


• 3 day hunts, guided with 2 night stay for trophy bucks 150 B&C or over
• 2 day hunts, guided with 1 night stay for bucks up to 149 B&C
• Occupancy rate includes lodging, meals, drinks, snacks, and field dressing
• Occupancy rate does NOT include hunting license (required), skinning/caping, taxidermy, gratuities/taxes
• $2,000 deposit per person is due upon confirmation (converted to access fee upon arrival)
• Reminder: Any blood drawn (i.e. wounded deer) will be charged as a killed animal

Management Hunt

• Guided 2-day management hunts: $2,000
• Older than four years and scoring less than 124" B&C or any other buck at the discretion of the guide

Boone & Crockett Scoring

• Conducted by Dr. Robert Vela and/or Victor Saenz II
• Ranch owner and foreman have final score determination
• Score is based on gross score (not net score)
• For information on Boone & Crockett scoring, please see the Texas Deer Association's website.


Before trophy hunting begins, hunters must understand and agree to the following:
• Vela Ranch and hunters will abide by and follow all Texas Parks and Wildlife Rules & Regulations;
• Hunters must sign a waiver and release agreement;
• The $2,000 deposit will be converted to the total fee of the hunt and/or $300 per day to cover the trespass fee, guides, food, and accommodations if the hunter opts NOT to harvest an animal;
• Hunters must pay all fees and charges (or remaining balance) prior to departure;
• If shooting draws blood/hair, it is a kill (wounded animals are charged the same as a kill); and